Roll-on / Roll-off

These large capacity containers are suitable for the disposal of bulk quantities of waste and are available through the Greater London area.

Supplied for both one off or longer-term contracts, ROLONOF containers are an extremely cost effective solution to the management and disposal of larger quantities of waste.

Utilising this type of container significantly reduces vehicle movements and is therefore suitable for clients where this is absolutely critical to their business needs.

Ideal for businesses such as large retail outlets, major construction sites and significant industrial users. If you work within one of these business sectors, you may wish to consider one of our ROLLONOF containers.

We offer three different sized ROLLONOF containers. Available sizes are 20 yards, 30 yards or 40 yards. More information about each model as well as the applications to which they are best suited is available in the tabs on the left side of this page.

Which ROLLONOF do I need?

  • Width - 7ft 9ins
  • Height - 6ft 1ins
  • Length - 20ft

This size roll on is suitable for both heavy and bulky waste all across London. 

  • Width - 8ft 6ins
  • Height - 6ft
  • Length - 22ft

Our 30 yard roll off's are generally used for bigger factory or warehouse clearances.

  • Width - 7ft 9 ins
  • Height - 9ft 2ins
  • Length - 20ft

Our biggest roll off available holds 40 cubic yards of waste. They are ideal for big clean outs and large construction projects.