Skip Hire

We supply a comprehensive range of both open and 'closed' skips, in a number of capacity sizes, all available for delivery within the Greater London area.

In addition, we can provide skips that are tested and certified to enable them to be lifted via cranes. Skips are an ideal solution for the disposal of non-hazardous waste and are a highly cost efficient way of removing builders' waste.

Economic Skips can also arrange for local authority licences, where appropriate, to enable skips to be located on the highway and other public areas. If the skip cannot be left on site, we can arrange a 'wait and load' service.

We offer three different sized skips. Available sizes are 7 yards, 12 yards or 14 yards. These are ready for hire and more information is contained on the right of this page. However if you require something bigger for your waste, then please try our Roll on/ Roll off page. 

Which skip do I need?

  • Width - 5ft 11ins
  • Height - 4ft
  • Length - 11ft

The smallest of our range of skips on offer. This skip is ideal for heavy or bulky waste material. As it small it will be much easier for you to keep on a driveway when compared with our larger models. 

  • Width - 5ft 10ins
  • Height - 5ft 6ins
  • Length 12ft 2ins

This skip is the middle sized one of our range. It is perfect for large house clearances and can fit approximately between 100 and 120 bin bags.

  • Width - 6ft
  • Height - 5ft 7ins
  • Length - 12ft 10in

The largest of our skips offers a big space in which you can place your waste materials. However a 14 yards skips cannot be filled with brick or soil because it would become to heavy to lift.

Frequently asked questions

Here are a few of the most frequent questions we are asked about our skips by our customers. For any other information please call us on the number at the top of the page or use the contact form and a member of our team will endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible. 

What skip size should I order?

There are many types of skips available depending on the job you intend to do:

  • Mini skips -  a small compact skip suitable for small garden clearences, DIY jobs, loft clearences etc.  It has a capacity of approimately 20 bin bags and can be delivered into smaller areas uses our 7.5 tonne trucks.  Height 900mm, lengh 1,700mm, width 1,320mm.
  • Midi skips - about 1.6 times the size of the mini skips with a capacity of approximatekly 35 bin bags. Similar materials can be placed in the midi skip, if it is filled with soil it will need to be collected by an 18 tonne truck so care needs to be taken with access.  Height 900mm, length 2,350mm, width 1,600mm.
  • Builders skips - Used for most jobs where there is a lot of material to be moved:  Extensions, large garden projects, roofing jobs, house clearences, drive replacments etc.  All our builders skips have drop doors for ease of loading.  They can carry approximately 6 - 7 tonnes of soil or 60 bin bags.  Height 1,020mm, length 3,350mm, width 1,750mm.
  • 14 yd skips - a very large skip used for light large volumes of waste such as shop fitting, house clearances and shop clearences.  A 14yd skip cannot be placed on the highway or filled with soil or brick as it will be too heavy to pick up. Height 1,850mm, length 3,900mm, width 1,750 mm.
When is a permit required?

If a skip is placed on the public highway i.e. outside of the perimeter of the property then a permit is required.  Skips placed on roads require permits.  Skips are not allowed to be placed on kerbs, grass verges, on yellow lines or in parking meter bays.

Who is responsible for applying for permits?

The owner of the skip, in this case Economic Skips Ltd, applies for the permit from the relevant council e.g.  London City Council.

What happens when the permits runs out?

Economic Skips Ltd will contact you prior to the permit running out to confirm that you have finished with the skip.  You will be able to extend your permit if you wish or arrange for the skip to be collected.  The permits cost the same for an extension.

If I have more than 1 skip do I need further permits?

Yes, a permit is required for each individual skip i.e. 2 skips on the same site need 2 permits, the same applies to lights and cones. If you have one skip and require an exchange the permit, so long as it is within date, covers each exchange.

What payment methods are available?

There are 4 ways of paying for a skip:

  • By debit/creit card online or over the phone
  • Cash on delivery/exchange
  • Cheque on delivery - allow 7 days for cheques to clear, we will be unable to collect a skip before that time.
  • Trade account - trade customers can apply for an account by filling in an account application form available on 0121 772 6770.
Who supplies lights and cones?

Economic Skips Ltd will supply the lights and cones when the skip is delivered or exchanged.  We request that customers notify us if cones are stolen or the batteries run out on the lights so that we can replace them asap.

What area(s) do you cover?

In general we will cover all of Greater London.

What is the difference between a delivery and an exchange?

A delivery is when an empty skip is supplied to a site, an exchange is when a full skip is collected and replaced by an empty one.  This can either be the same size skip or a different sized skip.

When will my skip be delivered?

You can book an am or pm delivery on-line.  Should you require a more accurate time slot please contact the office on 020 7639 6666 and we will able to give a time such as between 10 and 12 or 2 and 4.  We will not deliver outside of those times should you wish to plan your day around them.  All our drivers have phones and will call you if necessary.

Is there anything I should do before my skip arrives?

There are several things you may need to  think about:

  • The skip will be delivered by an 18 tonne lorry so access is vital.  A minimum width of 6 foot 8 inches (2.03 metres)  and clearance of 12 foot 4 inches (3.76 metres) for height is required.  If there are high pillars or walls on the access you will need to allow 9 foot 9 inches (2.97 metres) for the wing mirrors to clear.
  • It is the responsibility of the owner to protect their driveway.  Please provide adequate protection for your drive either using ply sheets or boards.  You may also want to to consider putting down polythene sheet to prevent any spillages marking the drive.
  • If you are having a a skip placed on the highway, and have a permit in place, please ensure that there is a space equivalent to 2 car lengths available to allow the lorry to offload the skip.
  • You may need to let your neighbours know that a skip is being delivered so that their cars are not blocking access for the skip lorry.  This includes cars on the other side of the road as all deliveries involve the lorry reversing into the desired delivery point.
  • If you are planning to use a wheelbarrow to move your waste you should order a builders skip with a drop down door for ease of loading.  You can ask for the skip to be placed to suit your loading i.e. door to the back of the truck or door to the front of the truck.