Timber Shredding

Timber (like all recyclable materials) is separated and shredded on site before transportation for reuse.

We provide the correct containers for recycling wood weather you need mixed containers for items other than wood or larger containers for use with wood and other larger recyclable items. We then take this away from you and use our timber shredding facilities to break the wood down so it can be used for other purposes. We provide a responsive service that is tailored to you, the consumer. 

How we recycle

Other items (contaminants) including metal or plastic items are removed by hand and after that the wood is separated into three types of wood.

Key facts about timber shredding

  • Percentage we recycle: 100%
  • Percentage recycled in UK: 40% 
  • Average CO2(e) saving per tonne: –0.79 tonnes
  • Relevant standards: PAS 104
  • All of the good quality timber is broken down by a shredding equipment and moved to a re-processing place where it is converted into wood-chips for the building businesses.
  • Lesser types of timber are again shredded but are used as animal bedding or mulch instead as they are not good enough in quality to be used for builders.
  • Lastly, any timber products that have been covered in paint or other substances are processed to create energy.